About Gobble

Gobble is a special monster sent on an “amazing mission” to spark imaginations and to lend a jaw to anyone battling illness. In order to do this, Gobble must be hugged by a very special child and only then will he receive his amazing appetite.

What is his favorite snack you ask?

It’s a little dry… but…handwritten personal messages crumpled into tasty nuggets! When you share your worries with Gobble and feed them to his belly, he will Gobble them up the way only a monster can gobble. (Which is different than the way turkeys gobble, by the way.)

What is Gobble’s favorite hobby?

Good question! (…nope. It’s not gobbling.)

Yep! It’s snuggling with you while you sleep. Plus, everyone knows that amazing things happen while you sleep.

But, even monsters have rules.
(They are easy, so don’t you worry. They’re nothing like “adult rules”.)

1. Gobble likes to be hugged at least once a day. Just close your eyes and imagine him on his amazing mission with you.

2. He can only digest the nuggets once everyone is asleep. It’s nothing personal…it’s just that his tummy makes these funny gurgling noises and it’s a little embarrassing for him. I’m sure you understand.

3. Take him to your doctor appointments because he doesn’t mind getting things done to him first. But, keep an eye on him….he gets a little rambunctious.

That’s it! Those are the rules! Piece of cake.

Hmmmm…..speaking of cake. I think Gobble’s a little hungry!