Note from the Author. . .

Beth CimlerThank you so much for visiting my website and taking interest in MY AMAZING MONSTER. I love that I finally get to share this story with so many wonderful families. I am often asked where I got the inspiration for the story, so I thought I would take the time to share it with you now.

When I was in high school, my dad suffered from Congestive Heart Disease. One morning, when I came down for breakfast, I found a note from my mom stating that she had taken my dad to the hospital in the middle of the night and that I should come when I woke up. During breakfast I happened to read an article in the newspaper that told the story of a woman who was battling breast cancer. She had decided to supplement her traditional cancer treatment with weekly sessions of a new technique called, Guided Imagery Therapy. With a trained therapist, she imagined the ugliest monster traveling through her body, eating away at all of the cancer cells. The monster would “gobble up” all of the bad things he found, leaving her body clean and healthy. The article discussed how empowering this process was for her and how this positive energy impacted her life.

I immediately ripped out the article, drove to the nearest toy store, bought a plush monster and took them both to my dad at the hospital. From that day forward, “Monster” sat on his bedside table. He began traveling with him to his doctor appointments and would spend the night with him in the hospital when necessary. The nurses got to know Monster and were so enchanted by him, they began putting a wristband around his tail and admitted him into the hospital right along side my dad. It was so obvious that this amazing monster brought great joy and laughter to an unfortunate situation, not only for my dad, but for everyone around him.

Monster worked his magic with my dad for 16 years, reminding him that he was so loved and supported in his fight against Heart Disease. In April, 2001, Monster sat front and center at my dad’s funeral, where I introduced him to all of the people who loved my dad.  Today, Monster sits on my bedside table. He watches over me and my beautiful family. He travels to doctor appointments and stays in the hospital, when necessary…

….and he inspired a heart-warming story.

Beth Cimler