This is a Great Tool For People of All Ages…


They will identify with story and the silly character of Gobble, while learning to embrace the therapy techniques of using their imagination. The plush monster will bring them comfort while giving them a venue to release their worries and fears on the Germ Freaky notepad. Gobble will do his job by digesting those worries by morning.


This story and plush can be used in the classroom for lessons related to family, community, human body, illness, coping, imagination and understanding others. It has a special way of bringing hospitals and schools together.

FF_ResourcesFriends and Family

The story and plush are a great gift to give a friend in need. We’ve found that it touches the hearts of patients and even siblings who are trying to understand what is going on around them.


Parents_ResourcesThe book is a fun read-aloud story that can lift spirits, trigger conversations and create a bond with their own monster inside. They can encourage the children to share their worries and fears, as well as the goodness they hold in their heart. By removing the Germ Freakies in the belly each night, parents can participate in the magic of Gobble’s appetite.

Therapists_ResourcesGuided Imagery Therapists

The book is a great tool for introducing the concept of Guided Imagery Therapy to patients of all ages. Until now, there are no other children’s stories that address this storyline. They can help the children learn to share their feelings by writing things together on the Germ Freaky notepad.